I’m having great rides on Cash and looking forward to the 09 show season more and more. The walls were primed and painted a lovely shade of light yellow and my bench has been sitting in my living room for about 2 weeks. Perhaps I can blame it on the weather but a part of me thinks that I’m finally waking up and seeing my life for what it is..

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Money trickled in, in 10s and 20s. There was some radio coverage, some Facebook buzz. A collegiate baseball team in Sandford, Fla., for heaven sake, began raising money at its games. I finally got a call and he was airlifted to safety, he just said don’t worry it was a free helicopter ride, I am fine. He would always know how to put you at ease or tell you when things were serious. His wit, love, loyalty, Duty, putting others first is what makes him the Dad of the year every time.