How come it’s such a big deal that Tavares joined the Leafs

It is extremely rare for star players to change teams as free agents. It has buy canada goose jacket cheap been a very long time since a player of Tavares canadian goose jacket calibre moved.It a huge deal to the Leafs for two reasons. First of all, we got a star player (top10 C in the league) without trading any assets for him. We had to finish dead last and get lucky to pick Auston Matthews in the draft. Tavares didn even cost us our draft pick, we got him for the money on his deal and nothing else. It an enormous windfall for the team.Secondly, this is a hugely symbolic event in showing that the era of the Leafs sucking is over. The Leafs have sucked for nearly 15 years. canada goose outlet Star players didn want to come anywhere near the Leafs whirlpool of inept management, mediocre teams, and media fishbowl. But that all changed since Shanahan came in, revamped management, canada goose black friday sale who rebuilt the roster and hired a coach who protects the players from the media. The Leafs have built up into a premier team in the league with cup aspirations and now a superstar player has decided that he wants to play for the Leafs. Throw in the hometown team narratives (the Leafs were my childhood dream too) and it just proved to the entire hockey world that the Leafs aren a punchline any more.It an extremely common narrative around star players in sports today that the star players “just want to win”. People have been saying that about Tavares for the last two years. When he picked the Leafs as the team he wants to win with that shows cheap Canada Goose everyone what we been saying for two years now is Canada Goose Outlet true, “the Leafs are actually good”.John Tavares, like Matthews, was a highly touted first overall uk canada goose pick. He was a phenomenon in Junior and was forecasted to be a canada goose uk outlet star player for whatever team drafted him. First overall selections almost always stay with the team that drafted Canada Goose online them it a peculiar loyalty that is important to the status quo in the NHL. The team that gets the first overall pick Canada Goose Online is usually some variation of a tire fire the year before, so the hope is that the number one pick will pull the team from the depths of hockey basement. These first overall players, especially if they are first line centres, are usually the face of their franchises. Crosby, Stamkos, McDavid, MacKinnon those sorts of guys. Of all first overall picks who reached free agency with the team that signed them, Tavares is the only player to ever leave. Since 1963.Whenever a Canada Goose sale player from around Toronto has reached Canada Goose Jackets free agency, especially the star players, Leafs fans have always been vocal in their hope that the player will home Stamkos was the last player of this nature, and he even canada goose clearance gave the Leafs an interview. canada goose uk black friday The problem was we sucked back then, and the rest of the league fans ridiculed uk canada goose outlet us endlessly for thinking we canada goose uk shop had a chance (sometimes deservedly). Tavares was the next Toronto boy, and again we cycled through the stages of hope and hype, praying he choose to play for canada goose the Leafs and attempting to find every possible connection that linked JT to Toronto (including where his fiancee works). I think most of us did not expect it to happen, thinking it would be better not to get our hopes canada goose coats up again. When July 1 came around, and he made his decision, the prophecy of the prodigal son was fulfilled.Quite simply, most NHL teams have only one first line centre. We now have a definite two with Matthews and Tavares, as well as Kadri canada goose factory sale who is a good second line centre.Lastly, the Leafs haven won a cup in over canada goose coats on sale fifty years. We have a long and storied history, with tradition and passion spanning generations. But most Leafs fan have never tasted victory before, and those who have were young enough for the yearning to return. In the case of Tavares, he was THE guy in NYI and they were really banking on him re signing, and in the post lockout era guys who were stars that were drafted and developed by one team have never left through FA.I believe Tavares is the only 1st overall pick to go and sign with another team in UFA since the modern free agent system was implemented in like 1995 or something along those lines.

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