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I’m biased: I have the OP and it’s such a fantastic watch. Dress it up, down, it’s the most versatile watch I’ve ever tried on IMO. I have the black and pink 3 6 9 and I love it. canada goose outlet Did you see the new white/black dials? I quite love those.

canada goose outlet parka Re: YM. This one has been growing on me this past year. I have small wrists and I’m starting to think it could be canada goose really awesome. I LOVE the blue dial. I think I like it more than rodium. Makes it pop and flashy, but in a good way. canada goose outlet parka

Both fit your wrist very well, they’re just cheap canada goose uk different watches. And I like them both! I got the OP because I wanted a simple, under the radar, time only that I could wear 95% of the time and then have fun pieces for the other 5%. If I bought the canada goose store YM I think it would be my fun watch, canadian goose jacket not my daily (but that’s just my style). Do you dress up for work, are you more casual, etc?

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official canada goose outlet I have kinda small wrists too, which is why I buy canada goose jacket was originally set on the OP. When I went in to try it on and randomly just tried on the Yachtmaster and was blown away with how it fit compared to the sub and other 40mm watches. Wore much smaller and was even more uk canada goose outlet comfortable than the OP. official canada goose outlet

canada goose outlet shop Wear jeans and a button down everyday, so very casual. Think I might go with the yachtmaster in rhodium, then pick up the OP down the road since I would be easier to justify the second watch being less expensive to the (future) wife lol. canada goose outlet shop

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AOTD: When I first started getting into quality footwear, I got a pair of brand new first quality Allen Edmonds Strands for about $85 directly from AE because there was an issue with a pair of clearance shoes I ordered and they didn have a replacement.

canada goose outlet in usa WSIWT/GMTO: Rider Boot Co. Mahogany Shell Cordovan Sneakers. I probably need to talk to Ron about getting a GMTO setup for these now. They be between $500 and $600. Would anyone be buy canada goose jacket cheap interested in them? I asked Ron awhile ago Canada Goose Coats On Sale too and he said these can be resoled. He just have them sent back to the factory and they be able to resole them no problem. canada goose outlet in usa

canada goose outlet Horween Whiskey Shell Cordovan Card Canada Goose Parka Holder. Edges turned out nicely. canada goose outlet

canada goose outlet toronto factory Gustin Customer Service: /u/weargustin customer service is fantastic. Though you may not “agree” with some of the products they release, you really can beat their continued, quality customer service. I ordered a shirt and it was a touch too big so I sent it back with 2 day shipping at the beginning of May and it appears to be stuck in the post system. I sent them an email to see if they happened to have received it and they hadn but they still went ahead and processed my refund credit anyway. A+. canada goose outlet toronto factory

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canada goose outlet store AOTD: I might get the chelseas. I really wished a chukka would have been made. “Consolidating” the number of items I have listed and just listing it by model now instead of having a “standard” model and a “shell cordovan” model. canada goose outlet store

canada goose outlet uk sale Only 17 orders to go until I caught up! Worked on an awesome Lava Shell Cordovan + Whiskey Veg Tan combo uk canada goose this weekend for /u/mobbito. Turned out very nicely and displays the color variance well. canada goose outlet uk sale

canada goose outlet sale I always get wild when I start getting into Illustrator and want to redesign some of my products/slots: canada goose Canada Goose online outlet sale

canada goose outlet new york city New, more “winged” slot vs. Thought tomir would be a happy medium with the look of leather but still with a rubber sole. Would rather switch to double leather if it going to change though. canada goose outlet canada goose uk black friday new york city

canada goose jacket outlet While browsing my Instagram feed one morning, I noticed a post from Yenni at Brick Canada Goose Jackets Mortar in Seattle, indicating that she had received a few pairs, in limited sizes, of the Color 8 Shell Cordovan Indy Boot with antique edges and a commando sole on the Trubalance last. I have a pair of Indy boots in Brown CXL (the 403), and adore them, so I was excited to see these, and although I already have a Color 8 NST/Tanker Boot on Barrie from Alden of Madison, and love them canada goose coats dearly, there’s something really special about the Indy boot and the Trubalance last. canada goose jacket outlet

goose outlet canada These are extremely good, quality wise one of the best pairs I own in terms of finishing (and I have a lot of pairs) the welt and edges are clean, the shell is thick and quite uniform, and the details are very well executed. The color is typical of recent color 8 quite dark, with the eggplant/purple tones hiding a bit, only really visible under brighter light. However, I find that it lightens up quite quickly. goose outlet canada

I really am looking forward to breaking these in I have a lot of dress boots, but I think these canada goose black friday sale will do nicely as casual weekend boots while canada goose uk outlet still capable of being dressed up to dark denim for an evening out on the town. The Indy boot is a classic design, and it belongs on the Trubalance last, so this is, to me, the “ultimate” Indy boot: made of one of the most durable leathers and paired with a commando sole. I also canada goose clearance appreciate that the antique edge is not quite as light as it is on some other pairs I have. While I like Color 8 and antique, I don’t love the trend of only doing 8+antique edge makeups. That said, for the Indy boot, I think it works well, given the more casual design of the boot.

canada goose canada goose uk shop outlet store uk 2) Do you know what Alden applies to shell cordovan to get that “Alden glaze” look? I have a pair in which the glaze has been stripped off and I be interested in trying to bring back the factory look canada goose outlet store uk.