canada goose black friday sale Reports from the recent conference at Jackson Hole are somewhat less encouraging, and the recent decline in the dollar is partly attributable to the belief that there will be few interest rises in the United States in months to come. We hope that in due course the various obstacles that have beset REA Holdings will be surmounted, and it will begin to match its more southerly neighbour in output and price performance.On the oil front, Hurricane Energy enjoyed a stellar performance early in the year, with buying from 2 funds which propelled it to a multiple of its lows, only to cede much of that gain as it placed a large tranche of stock to enable production from its prospective wells. We are encouraged that it was able to raise money in a market otherwise hostile towards hydro carbons, and believe that barring technical disappointments it should in due course reach higher levels.Pantheon Resources suffered several technical problems in its drilling programme, and seen a slump in its share price, but its most recent pronouncements, prior to Hurricane Harvey, show greater potential.The gadarene rush towards renewables has enhanced our lithium exposure, with Bacanora and Critical Elements vying for credibility in that sector. canada goose black friday sale

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