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2 points submitted 8 hours agothat it. cheap canada goose uk welcome to the wonderful world of telecommunications in nj. every town signs a carriage deal with one of the cable companies, and verizon is there because they always provided land line service, and once the christie administration canadian goose jacket allowed them to say that their LTE network met their requirements for providing high speed internet across the canada goose state, they stopped with the fios rollout (which was supposed to cover the entire state). as a result, no competition, shitty service, and high prices for all of us. 3 points submitted 17 hours agonothing here should surprise anyone. hugin has been running negative ads nonstop since the spring without any real response. this is going to shape a narrative Canada Goose Online for a lot of people over the summer. now that menendez is starting to run his own ads (and his first ad is actually pretty good as far as political ads go it introduces him and what he stands for while hitting his opponent on all these same things) and things ramp up into election season proper, we see how things develop. i think this race will Canada Goose Coats On Sale not be the canada goose black friday sale cakewalk it should be, but i think menendez will still win. 8 points submitted 2 days agoyou know what the mta should do? they should partner up with a couple canada goose clearance of artists to do a full graffiti art job on a few cars here and there as an mta arts in transit project. it would be sanctioned, and it buy canada goose jacket cheap would be done in a legal way that makes sure that the route signs and canada goose coats on sale train numbers and etc are still visible. building owners have worked with folks before to have really cool murials done to the sides of their buildings, why not on the trains once and a while?nycjedi 2 points submitted 3 days agoThat’s super interesting. I do remember the last time I was inside they had scaffolding everywhere. When I asked they said something about canada goose coats installing pipes, I guess that was for the sprinkler system. I appreciate the restoration more than the actual building because it looks totally different from the one I grew up with. It was darker and more sinister looking as canada goose store this looks refreshed and newly built.Do u know what stone that canada goose uk shop is on the outside by chance? Curious to know.storm2kIt likely Error 32 5 points submitted 3 days agoyes. i believe in a strong separation of work and personal spheres. if i obligated to be reachable for work purposes, provide me a phone and i will make myself available at the times Canada Goose Parka and dates necessary. if it my turn to be on call, then i will dutifully carry the phone at all times and check email and voicemail canada goose outlet diligently. however, in other times, canada goose uk black friday i am purposely making myself unavailable to have some personal time to do personal things and not worry about work. everyone should be enforcing separation like this for the sake of their own sanity. work people will never have my personal number. once that happens, it turns into an open invitation to be bothered by every little thing 24 hours a day.JJfromNJ 5 points submitted 3 days agoThe old setup Canada Goose sale was dumb and needed a change but the new setup is dumb too, despite there now being a continuous 95.The problem now is you have 295 north heading south into PA. Some entrance ramps now show buy canada goose jacket 295 east and west. I have never seen a highway using north/south and east/west.What they should have done is reroute 95 from Delaware over the Del Mem Bridge, uk canada goose then up the turnpike. They should have kept 295 the way it was and then renamed the stretch of 95 from Delaware through Philly to Scudders Falls 395. Then you would have a continuous 95 and intuitively named highways without contradicting direction. 10 points submitted 3 days agopa was never going to let that happen. they want 95 going directly thru philly. i, personally, would also have thought it better to route 95 directly up the turnpike and just widen the last 20 30 miles or whatever it is south of exit 4 to be 3 lanes in each direction and then stick 97 on the stretch from wilmington thru the pa turnpike. this is because i think it makes more sense for states to route major thru traffic away from major cities to better manage traffic flow. but, Canada Goose online it is written in actual federal law that this is where 95 will go, as mentioned in the article.

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